Bordello opens on the Moon


The first independent business opened on the Moon today. What kind of business? You guessed it! A brothel of course! The young entrepreneur behind the new bordello who goes by the name Moon Pimp says he plans to expand operations as population on the moon grows. Currently the bordello employs 2 full time prostitutes, and 5 part time girls on payday weekend when demand soars.
The part time girls work full time at the NASA moon base, and NASA is worried they might abandon their work at NASA and become full time whores if the bordello is successful. ''It is not fair that the US tax payers pay for these women to fly to the moon to do important scientific work, and then they just leave for a career in sex work.'' says NASA in an official statement to the press.
Moon Pimp has replied saying ''I provide a valuable service to the Moon community. I give the staff at the Moon base something to look forward to at payday. You can't stop this; this is the future of space colonization. This is human nature!''
Pezgo news will be following this story of entrepreneurship as it develops.

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