Soviet Mars lander crashes killing 70


The lander of what was to be the first colonizing mission to Mars by the Soviet mission Krasnyy Mars Drakon 1 crashed into the Martian surface today on descent killing all 70 on board. The Soviet mission was 2 weeks ahead of the American mission which now looks to become the first successful Martian landing by humans. The Soviet government has issued a statement saying this disaster thought tragic was not unexpected since they had put the odds of a successful landing at 30%. General secretary of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev has issued a day of mourning and at the same time has wished the American mission good luck in their upcoming landing attempt in two weeks. The next Soviet Mars mission Krasnyy Mars Drakon 2 is due to arrive next year. Our Moscow source tells us that n private Leonid Brezhnev's reaction was far less diplomatic. He reportedly went berserk in his office and had to be subdued and tranquilized by his own body guards for his own protection.

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