Soviets first on Mars with humans


Krasnyy Mars Drakon 2 lands. First successful human landing on Mars and establishment of permanent outpost on Mars. The Soviets successfully landed on Mars today with a crew of 82 people to set up a permanent outpost. They will be joined by more people in the coming months. The Soviet KMD 3 is scheduled to land this spring with 68 people, and two more KMDs are due this summer. The Americans have a lander due in September. This landing was an important victory for the Soviet Union after being beat to the moon a bit over a decade ago. Drunken celebrations are already underway in Russia and General Secretary of the Soviet Union Leonid Brezhnev has given the entire population of the Soviet Union the day off tomorrow so they can all participate without having to wake up early for work, except prostitutes, they need to keep working to make the party complete. In exchange they will get the day after tomorrow off instead.

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