Martian fire kills at least 500


A fire in the small Martian crater city of Koszeg killed most of its inhabitants today. The exact death toll is not yet determined, but it is expected to be a bit over 500. Everyone who was in the city when the fire started is believed to have died in the fire that engulfed the whole crater city in a matter of minutes. Fires like these claim thousands of lives throughout solar system settlements each month, and authorities in many space cities have made it a top priority to prevent these tragedies. The Martian government is expected to add pyromania and arson to the short list of most severe crimes alongside unauthorized nuclear detonation and copyright violation. Martian street protestors have been demanding the death penalty for arson and pyromania, but the President of Mars has made it very clear that that will not happen. The Martian constitution clearly states that the only crimes punishable by death are repeat offences of copyright violation.

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Since a first conviction of a copyrights violation crime carries an automatic lifetime prison sentence without the possibility of parole death sentences are quite rare on Mars. There have been cases of copyright violators being caught with pirate copies of music recordings in prison and been put to death, but so far only a handful of copyright violators have been executed on Mars.
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