Moon Pimp blamed for another customer's death


Moon Pimp who has been in recent legal trouble over the death of a customer of his bordello is now facing more death accusations. A woman is blaming him for the death of her husband. During a recent business trip to the moon where her husband had stayed at Moon Pimps famous Hotel Skull Crusher he had hired a hooker from Moon Pimp's bordello to try the famous Skull Crusher and Reverse Skull Crusher positions. Upon his return to the Earth he had talked his wife into trying the position with her. During the attempt he then crushed his skull and died of his injuries. The woman now blames Moon Pimp for her husband's death. Moon Pimp has dismissed the blame with an official statement saying: 'The Skull Crusher and Reverse Skull Crusher positions are considered very dangerous in Earth gravity and should only be attempted by experienced circus acrobats. We make it very clear to our guests at the Hotel Skull Crusher that many of the sexual positions they enjoy on the Moon are very dangerous on Earth.

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While we are saddened to hear of this tragedy we take no responsibility for this death. We would however like to offer the widow a complementary stay at the Hotel Skull Crusher. Pezgo News has not been able to reach the widow for a comment.
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