Callisto Local News

Riots rock Callisto 2/12/2022
Authorities on Callisto today issued a state of emergency due to the recent riots. Callisto has been rocked by several riots in the last few months in...
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Captain Franco of Callisto injured in assassination attempt 7/1/1991
Captain Franco who has been fighting a rebellion on Callisto for the last several months was injured in a bomb blast today. He is expected to live but...
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Captain Franco seizes power on Callisto 3/9/1991
Captain Franco who escaped from his mutineer captors just two days ago has now with the help of an army of loyalists taken back control of the colony....
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Captain Franco escapes 3/7/1991
Captain Franco has escaped from his revolutionary captors and is believed to be hiding somewhere on the Callistan base. The revolutionary command is w...
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Revolution on Callisto 3/2/1991
Callistans revolted against their leader this morning and took charge of the small colony. Captain Franco who has been in charge since they landed on ...
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First landing and establishment of outpost on Callisto 11/29/1990
Callisto today became the furthest outpost of human civilization after a successful landing by Space Mining Inc. The crew will be setting up a base th...
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