Europa Local News

Baseless arrests on Europa 6/9/2004
A requirement of the newly formed Europa Police Department is that they must arrest at least 10 people per day to maintain their current level of fund...
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Lander crashes on Europa killing all 387 on board 3/3/2002
A lander carrying 387 people crashed during landing on Europa this morning. All 387 on board died in the tragedy. The crash happened near the mining c...
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Demonstration turns violent on Europa 3/10/1995
What started out as a peaceful protest today in the Europa 1 base of Europa turned into a violent clash between demonstrators and police. The crowd wa...
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First Europa landing 8/12/1993
The conquest of the Jovian moons continued today with the first successful landing on Europa. The landing almost ended in disaster when a fire broke o...
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