Mars Psycho Policy story latest developments

Soviets announce new psychos only policy for Mars 2/23/1983
Life on Mars is very dangerous, and it is very common for people to stop functioning psychologically when their loved ones keep dying around them. Sov...
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Mars psycho policy shows effects 4/2/1984
The violent crime rate has skyrocketed in Brezhnevgrad, the Soviet Mars colony since the introduction of the psychos only policy by the Soviet governm...
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Martians support psycho policy 2/28/1985
Martians took to the streets yesterday to protest a suggested cancellation of the so called psychos only policy. The policy has been in place for two ...
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New visa restrictions for Martians visiting Earth 2/20/2022
Starting the first of next month Martians planning to visit Earth must undergo and pass a psychological screening to obtain a visa. The reason is the ...
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Mars psycho murders 3/15/2022
Murders have been commonplace on Mars for decades, but some Earth governments are now saying enough and are pushing for a new UN resolution that would...
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Martian psycho rights leader killed by psycho 3/25/2022
Oleg Popov, leader of the Martian Association of the Acceptance of the Medically Psychotic, or MAAMP was killed today in a random psychotic murder. He...
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