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If you live in one of the off Earth colonies, or if you are on a spaceship en route to one of the space colonies we would love to hear from you. Please send us your news stories and we will post them here on Pezgo for the whole solar system to read. Important guidelines and policies:

1. Although Pezgo is fiction, it is rock hard science fiction. That means stories cannot rest on technologies that should not yet be in existence, or scientific concepts that would be unlikely to be tamed at the time of the occurrence of the story. For example stories cannot include time travel or faster than light travel.

2. The stories need to be your original stories. You cannot submit text copied from somewhere else.

3. Images submitted must be your own, open source, or you must have the legal right to use them.

4. You may submit links where appropriate, but no links to competitor sites.

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Where did this happen:
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What happened:

No links to competitors please :)
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