What is the purpose of Pezgo?

We are failing miserably as a technological civilization. We have had the means to colonize the solar system for over 60 years, yet we haven't. At the time this is written we are planning manned missions to the moon, which is something we did in the early 1960s. We should be a thriving space faring civilization by now with living societies on several worlds in the solar system. We should be preparing to go to nearby star systems at this point in history. We are not doing any of that, our current civilization might collapse before we have the chance to spread to other worlds. That would be the greatest tragedy in human history.

Pezgo news was created to inspire people. We are trying to show where we should be at this point in time. The creators of this site are motivated by Paramount Obligationism, we understand and fully accept that the motivation for space travel is different for most people who feel very passionately for space travel. As long as we as a civilization get going the motivation doesn't matter one bit, as long as we go!

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